WGP 74: Tomas 'Chacal' Aguirre vs Ignacio 'El Fino' 2

The second chapter of WGP Kickboxing in 2024 promises a lot. The organization returns to Argentina with a numbered edition after just over four years. And event number 74 arrives with a stellar card on April 27, to shake up the Platense Micro Stadium in the capital Buenos Aires. The main event will feature a highly anticipated rematch. The Super Lightweight champion (up to 64.5kg), Tomas Chacal, will rematch his compatriot Ignacio El Fino, this time in Argentina, after defeating him in a very even fight at the 69th edition in Brasilia.

The co-main event features a huge clash between Brazil and Argentina in the Light Middleweight division (up to 71.8kg). Host Metralleta Torino takes on Brazilian Jones Coliseu, one of the last challengers for the title in the category.

The show will also feature other 14 fights with the best kickboxers of Latina America!